About School


Shri AmarDev Ji Maharaj

Location and Building : The school is situated on Rohtak-Bhiwani Road, Near Civil Hospital, Kalanaur. It is hardly 20 Km. from Rohtak and just at a distance of One Km. from Sat Jinda Kalyana College, Kalanaur. The School Campus has a cheerful architectural beauty. It has adequate and spacious smart rooms, well equipped laboratories for chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computers and a well furnished Library. The school is housed in a splendid building away from the din of the city life having an extensive courtyard with green spots and trees and classrooms tastefully decorated and equipped with most modern amenities. The atmosphere presents a healthy confluence of rural and city life.

The School Motto : The motto of the school is vk uks Hknzk% Øroks ;Urq fo'or % (Universal Welfare)

Recognition : Panchtirthi Public School is an English medium Senior Secondary co-educational institution affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi upto 12th standard +2 stage with Non-Medical, Medical and Commerce.

Medium of Instruction : The medium of instruction is English but proper attention is paid to Hindi also. Sanskrit is compulsory as third language from classes V to VIII. In IX & X students are taught I.T. as an additional subject.

Promotion + Progress Report : Individual ability of the child shall be taken into account in determining promotion from one class to the next. Consequently brighter students shall have a chance to be pushed ahead at any stage. A report on the performance of the students during each term is communicated to parents at the end of each term through progress reports. These reports contain the academic performance of the students alongwith comments of the class teacher. Promotion to higher class is considered on the basis of overall examination result including tests conducted at various stages.

Syllabus and Curriculum : The school is affiliated to C.B.S.E. New-Delhi. The course of academics for standard I to VIII is framed by the school within the stipulated objectives of N.C.E.R.T. However, from standard IX to XII C.B.S.E. Syllabus is followed. The students are taught with smart boards.

The prescribed syllabus is taught through modern techniques and playway methods Audio-Visual aids and other computer Aided Education is adopted for the realisation of the objectives. To ensure harmonious development of every student various inter-house competitions like, Debates, Quiz, Spot handwriting, Painting competitions are held.

With drawls Criteria : Student seeking with drawl must submit his/her application/fee one month in advance along with Rs. 100/- towards School Leaving Certificate. Duplicate copy of the School Leaving Certificate shall be issued on submission of affidavit of having lost the original along with fee of Rs. 100. Students seeking with drawl shall be required to clear his/her dues from April to month of with drawl. Those who leave school in May must pay fees for the month of June. Admission and other fee once paid shall not be refunded except the security money even if the child has not attended the school for a single day. Students can be asked to leave school on the following grounds :- (a) Disciplinary action (b) Unsatisfactory progress in class. (c) Detention in Class.

OTHER EXCLUSIVE FEATURES Staff : The school has a team of very competent, qualified and motivated teachers.

Library : The school library has a spacious library equipped with vast range of reference books on various subjects and general knowledge. Besides, daily news papers are made available. Students are emphasized to devote more and more time on reading news and books available in the library. Rules For Library :

  • Working hours of the Library are the same as those of the school office.
  • Books from the Library are issued to the students of various classes against Library Cards.
  • Library Books are issued for 14 days. After the due date, a delay fine of Re. 1/- per book per day is charged. If the due date falls on a holiday, the next working day would be treated as due date for returning the book.
  • A Particular book can be re-issued for a further period of 14 days if there is no demand from any other student.
  • The students will be responsible for the safe custody of books issued to him/her.
  • Magazines will not be issued to the students.
  • In case the book is lost or damaged, he borrower will have to replace the book or pay its cost. At the time of borrowing books, if the borrower finds any book in a damaged condition, he/she bring this fact to the notice of the Librarian, otherwise the borrower will be held responsible for it.

Computer Programme : The school has avast computer lab, where students get computer training in a very peaceful atmosphere under the guidance & supervision of very experienced computer teacher. Computer Education is taught from III to V as computer awareness, for class VI to X as additional subject.

Laboratories : The school has well equipped science laboratories for physics, chemistry & Biology. To instil confidence in them, they are given the chance of handling scientific apparatus & making experiments. It helps in development of scientific temper among students.

Physical + Health Education : ` There is qualified Physical Education teacher with the school to look after physical & health education. The school is providing facilities in the following games like Badminton, Kho-Kho, Throw Ball, Hand Ball, Football, Volley Ball and Cricket etc.

Encouragement : Individual and collective prizes are given to students to inculcate the spirit of competition for distinction in academic, games, sports and other co-curricular activities.

Parents-teacher association : The school has an active Parent-teacher association for smooth & healthy development of the child. Meetings are held with the parents by inviting them to the school to evolve measures for the best development of their ward.

Bus Service :
  • Our School provides Bus Service to the students for their convenience.
  • All bus riding students will deposit their bus charges in advance alongwith school fees.
  • Bus Charges are to be paid for the eleven months of the year.
  • Students cannot withdraw their names from the bus facility in the mid-session.
  • If a students discontinues this facility & wants to continue it after some gap during the same academic year, he will have to make payment for the gap period also.
Note : Rules may be modified/Amended from time to time if considered necessary, by the School Authorities. PRINCIPAL